Dyno and Tuning

mustang-dyno-logoThe Dyno is an in ground Mustang Dynamometer AWD Chassis Dyno it can handle up to 3800 HP and 2200 foot pounds of torque.  You can run your single and dually diesels, front, rear and all wheel drive vehicles and also motorcycles.

md_awd_1100_seDyno Pulls are $150 for the first hour and $85 for each additional hour. Motorcycles will need to have a minimum of 5 or more bikes to make pulls. Dyno Tuning is $500. Most vehicles will also need to have a programmer to store the tunes on. You may bring your own or you can also purchase one through us. Check out our products page for more info. Other Services Available Call for Info. For a little more detailed info about the dyno process click here.